Stephen's Method

An appointment with Stephen Knoll begins with wet hair slicked back and Knoll studying face structure and hair texture, while conceptualizing the look he wants to achieve. Then the design begins.

Cindy Crawford best described Stephen's creative process: "Just by taking a glance at any women, Stephen can create the perfect style that captures the natural beauty of that person."

Because Stephen treats each client as the unique person she is, there is not any standard or recognizable "Stephen Knoll Cut." Instead, every Stephen Knoll cut and style is an original classic - with an edge.

The results? An easy to care for, natural shape reflecting movement and fluidity that, in Stephen's words is "an accessory that complements, not overpowers."

Regardless of whether his client is a celebrity, or simply a woman who wants to look her best, Stephen's goal is to hear each client say, "I've never felt better about myself!"