Hair Enhancement

The Stephen Knoll Salon is proud to offer Interlink, a revolutionary process for women and men with thinning or fine hair. Interlink literally links a single strand of your hair with four new strands of Syngenic hair, instantly increasing the density of your hair by 400%.

Interlink uses each hair's cuticle as a microscopic anchor to secure the new strands of Syngenic hair without the use of adhesives, tapes or surgery. It's easy, painless, and safe.

Syngenic Hair is the most innovative man-made hair available on the market today: It is virtually identical to your natural hair, being perfectly matched with your texture and color. It has no restrictions, it looks and feels like your own hair. Drying, styling, and maintenance remains the same, wet or dry. This new hair actually becomes a part of you and is designed to enhance your appearance and lifestyle.

Schedule a private and complimentary consultation with our receptionist to evaluate your individual needs. Packages and pricing will be provided during consultation.

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