Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are quickly becoming mainstream fashion accessories. We can ensure the natural look, comfort and movement of your hair by perfectly matching color, texture and type to your desired length. That’s why at the Stephen Knoll Salon we offer four different types of extensions, all made from 100% human hair: Clip-Ins, Tape-Ins, Strand-by-Strand and Halo.

Clip-Ins match perfectly to your own hair. As long as you retain the same hair color, clip-in extensions are yours forever. Available in eight-piece sets, clip-ins add fullness and length. Perfect for ponytails and buns.

Tape-Ins use surgical tape and sewing to add fullness and length for five weeks to two months. Made from 100% human hair, natural and healthy tape-ins are reusable and virtually damage-free.

Strand-by-Strand is an extremely natural type of extension. They require very little maintenance, are able to accept highlights, and make any hair style possible by adding volume, length or both. Strand-by-strand extensions are applied in quarter sections throughout the head, last from three to sixth months, and are perfect for all hair types: from fine or course, to wavy, straight or curly.

Halo adds luscious volume and length instantly without any clips, tapes or glue. Halo quickly and easily transforms your hair. Whether you want to step-up your glamour on those special nights or simply enjoy the added fullness and beauty every day.

At the Stephen Knoll Salon, the process starts with a consultation with our expert extensionist, Ramona Azcona. She will analyze and select a perfect match for your hair type and color, ensuring the end result is absolutely undetectable.

By using only the best extensions brands on the market, we can guarantee optimum results, leaving you with natural, beautiful, luxurious hair. The hair you only dreamed is now yours.

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