Matthew Jeffrey


Matthew's passion for cutting and styling lies in respecting the natural texture and movement of hair. He is an expert at creating shapes that are effortless and unique to each client.

Matthew "grew up" in the beauty industry and began his career working for Sally Hershberger in Los Angeles. With a desire to live and work in New York while continuing his training, he made his move and secured a position with John Frieda. Marrying the skills he has learned from top stylists like Serge Normant, with what he loves to create, enables him to produce his unique vision. The ability to execute and individually tailor this vision is what his clients find most valuable.

Whether readying a celebrity for the red carpet or finding inspiration in a busy Saturday at the salon, his techniques continue to find their expression in the way that he works with hair. Matthew believes hair is a living thing that is ever-changing. It is for this reason that an experience in his chair is one where his attention to detail is as unwavering as it is memorable.

Matthew is available for appointments Tuesday thru Saturday.
All prices subject to change without notice.